TMJ Relief Clinic – Melbourne

As part of Richmond Fine Dentistry, the TMJ Relief Clinic offers dedicated TMJ dysfunction treatment in Richmond. It’s a quick tram ride along Bridge Rd from the Melbourne CBD. It’s estimated that 1 in 10 people suffer from TMJ Disorders in various stages of development. A single visit to our specialist TMJ Clinic will diagnose if you are affected. Various TMJ Therapy options are available. Contact Us to find out more.

Children’s TMJ Disorder

Temporomandibular joint disorder can onset from an early age. An increasing body of evidence is indicating a causal relationship between bottle feeding, sippy cups, thumb sucking and the development of TMJ disorders. Other causes are linked to anxiety, stress and the effects of teeth grinding and/or clenching. At a young age, the objective is to provide techniques to help the child recognise jaw tension and provide management strategies. Find out more

Sleep Disorders and Dental Problems

Lack of, or interrupted sleep can have a compounding effect on your body’s ability to respond and function normally. Dental sleep medicine specialists, like those at the TMJ Relief Clinic, specialise in the diagnosis and management of sleep-related disorders caused by dental problems. These include TMD, Snoring, Sleep Apnoea and Bruxism. Contact us for a comprehensive assessment of sleep disorders related to dental problems and the treatment options available. Find out more