The TMJ Relief Clinic Team in Melbourne

Located just outside the Melbourne CBD, our team aims to provide the best professional care across a range of TMJ-related issues. Skilled in identifying TMJ symptoms, providing TMJ pain relief and offering a range of TMJ treatment options, patients come from all over Melbourne to receive exemplary care and attention.

Dr Robert Harper


Dr Robert Harper has been a dentist since graduating from The University of Melbourne in 1976.

Over this time, It has become apparent that many more people are living with Temporomandibular Disorder due to many different factors. It is certainly an area in which dentistry has changed rapidly.

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people live with TMJ Disorder or TMD. Dr Harper is highly skilled in identifying the early TMD signs and symptoms in patients and is able to get them on the road to relief and recovery quickly. Through collaborating with his skilled and qualified team, they offer a range of services using the latest products and technologies at the TMJ Relief Clinic in Bridge Road, Richmond.

Along with harnessing the latest technologies, Dr Harper’s passion is to work in a well-designed, hygienic and joyful environment and to be supported by talented and caring staff. He has worked in regional Victoria (Portland in the state’s south-west) as well as in Swanston Street in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. A move to Richmond Fine Dentistry occurred in 2004 – this is a state-of-the-art surgery designed with excellent dentistry in mind. He is proud to have the TMJ Relief Clinic linked with Richmond Fine Dentistry.

As a highly dedicated dentist, he’s a regular participant in Continuing Professional Development, including the Seattle Study Club. Dr Harper’s professional development participation includes both presenting and learning roles, and he is a member of the Australian chapter of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain.. Constant education is necessary to keep abreast of the rapid changes in dentistry and whole body health relating to airways, diet and the mechanics of dentistry.

When he’s not working he loves spending time with his family, cooking and pursuing photography.

Dr Harper’s level of enthusiasm for all things dentistry is continually growing and he is very proud to add the TMJ Relief Clinic to Richmond Fine Dentistry.