Laser Therapy in the treatment of TMJ Dysfunction / TMD

How does Laser Therapy help?

Low Level Laser Therapy is employed by The TMJ Relief Clinic to improve the comfort and health of your jaw and affected regions such as the face, head, neck and shoulders.

TMJ Dysfunction will not only irritate the outer part of the damaged disc but also make it hard and brittle. You may suffer from chronic inflammation and pain in the direct and surrounding regions. Adjascent muscles affected carry their own set of problems such as jaw pain and stiffness extending throughout the head and neck, as well as symptoms of jaw locking, popping and clicking.  Normal blood supply to the affected areas will be disturbed, thus affecting adequate amounts of oxygen, glucose and nutrients being supplied through blood to the damaged regions.

Laser Therapy is offered by The TMJ Relief Clinic, using a low-level laser machine. It is used to decrease muscle and tendon inflammation at a cellular level, decreasing pain and tension in the targeted muscles as well improving blood flow and speeding up recovery times..

What treatment is best for my TMD?

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